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California Compact Crushing

Welcome!  We appreciate your interest in our business,  thank you!

Andrew DeVillers General Contractor has acquired the latest in compact concrete construction technology,  the Lem Track 48-25 compact mobile crusher and with it the birth of a new venture, California Compact Crushing & Concrete Construction.  We can now recycle material on site for immediate re-use, and as a result we can save you a considerable amount on your next project.

Komplet recycling products will crush glass, porcelain, marble, granite, bricks, blocks, asphalt and reinforced concrete. Transported on a standard 5 ton equipment trailer these crushers can be fed by a mini excavator or skid steer. Processing between 45-110 tons a day, the size of the product can be varied depending upon requirements, from 3/8" – 3".

Being small these units can operate in most locations with minimal effort and with pricing at a very competitive level, we can offer a prompt and friendly service. Our company would be happy to discuss any requirements, large or small—there are solutions to them all.

If U.S. demand increases in the next few years by an expected 1% per annum, 20 million tons of extra aggregates will be needed each year. Land fill charges will rise exponentially and total costs will increase dramatically. Why incur charges to send valuable rubble to landfill? Why not profit by crushing it into re-salable recycled, secondary aggregates. Apart from the vast monetary advantage, the crusher is environmentally friendly as adopting this process reduces raw aggregates being taken from the ground and saves much space in landfill.